"Love's Beloved Garden will fix everything. Eliminating Poverty is our main goal. No more excuses. I want to make life easy for everyone so they no longer have excuses to not develop themselves and find their true selves and serve God just as God has intended. Thank you." -Matthew David Garth

Solving Homelessness

"Homelessness is a problem that affects many people in our society, and it is often caused by mental illness. Love's Beloved Garden Tiny Home Communities for the Homeless is an initiative that aims to provide safe and supportive housing for those who are experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to provide shelter, food, and safety, as well as healing and rehabilitation for those who have been affected by the trauma of homelessness. We also provide educational resources and training to help individuals create a better life for themselves. Our vision is to create a network of communities across the United States that can help address the issue of homelessness and treat the root cause of mental illness."

Safe Escape

Safe Escape Communities are designed to provide a place where battered women and children can come to escape dangerous situations which include but not limited to spousal abuse, sex trafficking, and drug abuse. With a true desire to find a better life, we want to provide a safe haven of healing for these women so that they can raise healthy children and end the cycle of abuse and accepting abuse. Safe Escape Communities are designed to allow a flow of families and create avenues and opportunities for transition into a better life of their design. Our vision is to have a network of communities across the United States to cater to this trauma group.

Business Ministry

The world is changing and opportunities are abundant. Our business ministry is designed to educate, train, and provide opportunities of entrepreneurship to the underprivileged. Our business ministry will have a focus on recently released prisoners and the program participants however the business ministry is not exclusive to members of the communities and will contribute to the success of the other programs. The business ministry is interested in future tech to make the entire operation more efficient.

The Art of Healing

Holistic Art Centers and Performance venues will play a big role in the future of healing. Love's Beloved Garden has a vision to buy the old shopping malls in America and turn them into performance venues and holistic healing centers where people can find alternative healing and mental health support. Art is critical to our healing as a species. We must not let art die. These centers will become the "wal-mart of holistic healing"