Life is a Game

We have all heard that at one point or another in our life. What does that REALLY mean? I took it to heart. As a neurodivergent human, I have a tendency to take things very seriously. This aided me in my quest to really develop the philosophy and understand just HOW life IS a game. The problem then became, which game manual to use? If you are just getting started in this simulation. Then you should read Tao te ching. It is a great place to start with the fundamentals of this simulation. 

This simulation requires FLOW. Flow is one of the most important concepts in this simulation. Flow determines the outcome of all events. How things FLOW are determined by the users of the simulation. 

Anyway, back to GameFlow Galaxy. GameFlow Galaxy is the digital integration of tools and information needed to successfully navigate the simulation. As a technologically advanced species, we need to advance our inner evolution. The new human model has  a logical expansion rate that exceeds its emotional expansion rate. The lack of emotional understanding in the new human model has proven to be self-terminating. Without understanding the emotional expansion rate curve, your actions and feelings will misalign, creating unwelcomed "feelings". GameFlow Galaxy is being developed to help with the current state of the new human model's current evolution. 

GameFlow Galaxy is a fluid gaming experience that flows through all gaming mediums including REAL LIFE. The GameFlow Community will provide opportunities to learn what YOU want to learn from respected professionals. Learning in real life, will earn GameFlow Galaxy Currency which will be exchanged for in-game content or real life expenses. Your time is valuable and you should always be earning or learning! Now do both! GameFlow Galaxy will integrate with your mobile device through the GameFlow Galaxy App. This app will let you take charge of your life and keep track of your real life skills and attributes as well as your in-game character. Your real life attributes will boost your in-game Avatar. Create a portfolio to prove you are skilled. Connect with other professionals.

NFT Avatar Accessories can be displayed through AR technology in real life! GameFlow Galaxy Gamers can spot other GameFlow Galaxy Gamers when their devices are active. Challenge them on the spot, trade, or clan up! 

Virtual Reality will play a huge role in GameFlow Galaxy. Think of it as our Astral Hub. Here you can network, enjoy concerts, visit museums, play games, and build your in-game or real life stats. 

GameFlow Galaxy is seeking partnerships to allow our content to be brought into their games so that you can keep your highest goals in mind. Maxing your GameFlow Galaxy Stats! Becoming the Highest Version of yourself!