"Love's Beloved Garden will fix everything. Eliminating Poverty is our main goal. No more excuses. I want to make life easy for everyone so they no longer have excuses to not develop themselves and find their true selves and serve God just as God has intended. Thank you." -Matthew David Garth

Solving Homelessness

"Homelessness is a problem that affects many people in our society, and it is often caused by mental illness. Love's Beloved Garden Tiny Home Communities for the Homeless is an initiative that aims to provide safe and supportive housing for those who are experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to provide shelter, food, and safety, as well as healing and rehabilitation for those who have been affected by the trauma of homelessness. We also provide educational resources and training to help individuals create a better life for themselves. Our vision is to create a network of communities across the United States that can help address the issue of homelessness and treat the root cause of mental illness." 

Safe Escape

Safe Escape Communities are designed to provide a place where battered women and children can come to escape dangerous situations which include but not limited to spousal abuse, sex trafficking, and drug abuse. With a true desire to find a better life, we want to provide a safe haven of healing for these women so that they can raise healthy children and end the cycle of abuse and accepting abuse.  Safe Escape Communities are designed to allow a flow of families and create avenues and opportunities for transition into a better life of their design.  Our vision is to have a network of communities across the United States to cater to this trauma group. 

Business Ministry

The world is changing and opportunities are abundant. Our business ministry is designed to educate, train, and provide opportunities of entrepreneurship to the underprivileged. Our business ministry will have a focus on recently released prisoners and the program participants however the business ministry is not exclusive to members of the communities and will contribute to the success of the other programs.  The business ministry is interested in future tech to make the entire operation more efficient. 

The Art of Healing

Holistic Art Centers and Performance venues will play a big role in the future of healing. Love's Beloved Garden has a vision to buy the old shopping malls in America and turn them into performance venues and holistic healing centers where people can find alternative healing and mental health support.  Art is critical to our healing as a species. We must not let art die. These centers will become the "wal-mart of holistic healing" 

Transforming neuroscience research into actionable insights for personal growth and development 

Invest in the Future of Neuroscience Research: Investigating the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Self-Realization

Are you looking for investment opportunities in cutting-edge neuroscience research? Look no further than our proposed research project on the neural mechanisms underlying self-realization.

Our team of experienced researchers will use a combination of experimental and computational techniques to investigate the role of neurotransmitters in self-realization. By measuring neurotransmitter levels and prefrontal cortex activity before and after self-realization exercises, administering drugs that affect dopamine and serotonin levels, and developing a mathematical model of self-realization, we aim to further our understanding of this fascinating process and its potential applications for personal growth and development.

As an investor, you will be supporting groundbreaking research in a field with immense potential for future discoveries and advancements. Your investment will help fund the costs of specialized equipment, supplies and materials, participant compensation, and other necessary expenses. With an estimated budget of $1,750,000, this project represents a unique and exciting opportunity for investors looking to make a difference in the world of neuroscience research.

Join us in our mission to unlock the mysteries of the human brain and improve lives through cutting-edge research. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting investment opportunity.

Mind as a Network

Our research project proposes to investigate the human mind as a complex network of interconnected nodes, using brain imaging techniques, behavioral experiments, graph theory, and machine learning algorithms. By observing the activity of specific brain regions and analyzing the properties of the network, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of how the brain processes information and forms new beliefs and mental constructs.

The practical applications of our research may include the development of more effective teaching methods and therapeutic interventions, as well as advancements in artificial intelligence. The projected budget for this research project is $800,000, covering personnel, equipment, and materials.

Our research team will include researchers, assistants, and technicians, using high-tech equipment such as fMRI scanners and EEG systems. Our project aims to unravel the complexity of the human mind and open up avenues for further research in neuroscience and psychology.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Mind: A Multidisciplinary Research Project 


Our understanding of the human mind has been a subject of fascination for centuries. With recent advances in technology, we have the opportunity to explore the network of interconnected nodes in the human mind and gain new insights into human behavior and cognition. This research project brings together expertise in Jungian psychology, advanced particle physics, and neurology to investigate the complex dynamics of the human mind.

Research Plan:

Our research plan involves classifying the network of nodes in the human mind into different types, such as archetypes, concepts, and memories. We will study the properties and functions of these nodes and their interactions, and investigate how they shape human behavior and cognition. We will use advanced imaging techniques, such as PET and MEG, to study the dynamics of the network in real-time, and computational models to simulate the behavior of the network under different conditions.

Expected Outcomes:

Our multidisciplinary approach has the potential to unlock new insights into the human mind and develop more effective tools for enhancing human cognition and artificial intelligence. We expect to gain a deeper understanding of the collective behavior of the network and its response to external stimuli. We also hope to develop new methods for quantifying the amount of information contained in different nodes and synapses, and studying how this information is processed and transmitted in the network.


Our proposed budget of $4,980,000 will support the personnel, equipment, supplies, and travel required for the research plan. The personnel costs include salaries and benefits for the principal investigator, research assistant, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellow. The equipment costs include a PET scanner and MEG system, as well as desktop and server computers and software licenses for data analysis. The supplies budget includes laboratory and experimental materials, as well as office supplies. The travel budget includes expenses for attending conferences and meetings, as well as data collection and collaboration visits.


Join us in unlocking the mysteries of the human mind and driving innovation in cognitive neuroscience. Our research project has the potential to transform our understanding of the human mind and develop new tools for enhancing human cognition and artificial intelligence. Be a part of this multidisciplinary endeavor and help us shape the future of cognitive science.